Saturday, June 2, 2012

#2 - Racism

Our friends just heard a gunshot. Enemies already? We'll see.

"What the fuck!" Tyson shouted.
Two men walked up by the side of the bus, both with shotguns. Tyson opened the door. The two men walked inside.
"Hi." The oldest of them said. "Would you mind if we join you?"
"What? Hell no!" Tyson said. Without the men seeing it, he searched for the pipe he left under his seat. 
"Well, then we'll have to shoot all of you." 
"No, no, no! Wait!" Charlie said. "You can join. Don't listen to the black fuck. Join us. No problem"
"Dude, he just aimed a fucking gun at me! I'm not driving for them!" Tyson said, as he found the pipe. 
"Then we'll just shoot you" The man said and pointed the gun at Tyson. 
"No!" Tyson's wife, Cameron, said. She started to cry, begging the two men. "Don't do it. We won't hurt you. Please!"
"Shut up" The man laughed. 
Tyson threw the pipe at the man who didn't said anything. The man fell back and out of the bus. 
The other man now pointed the gun at Tyson's head. 
"I swear, if he's dead i'll make it hurt!" The man backed out of the bus, still aiming his gun at Tyson. 
After a few second, checking his friend, the man got up and aimed the gun at Tyson again.
"He's dead" He said calm, and shot Tyson in the foot. He screamed, and fainted after a few seconds. 
"People listen. I don't wanna hurt any of you. I wan't to join you, but this fuck make it difficult. What do you say to killing him? It'd be much easier for all of us"
"No! No, you can't do that!" Cameron cried. "Please don't hurt him"
The man aimed the gun at Cameron's head and said: "So?"
"Please....." Cameron cried. 
It was quiet in the bus. Everyone was thinking. What to do? Charlie, who was racist, smiled and said: "Dude, if you kill both of those black fucks, you can join us. How about that?"
"No! If that's the case, i'm leaving" Billy said. "And i'm taking Tyson and Cameron with me"
"You're making it difficult" The man said.
"I'm leaving too. Enjoy the bus, racist dickheads" Claire said and got up from her seat. She took four bags and gave one to Billy, as they left the bus with Cameron and the fainted Tyson. 
"Guess that's it" Charlie said and started to drive away