Friday, June 1, 2012

#1 - Pilot

Benton, Kansas. A pretty dead place. Literally. Everyone here is dead. Well - Five people is alive, but right now, their chances for survival ain't big. 

"We're low on fuel" Tyson shouted, waking up the four others. 
A mechanic from Europe, Charlie, opened his eyes. He was in a bus with four people he barely knew. A black couple, a janitor and a cute girl. The janitor and the girl seemed fine, but the two black people. Just thinking about black people made Charlie sick. 
People used to call him racist. And well, maybe he was. Why would he bother? 
Tyson was a black bus driver. As the zombies started to come, Tyson got her wife and saved three other people on his way. Now they were driving. 
"Where are we?" Charlie asked, trying not to look at Tyson. 
"I dunno" Tyson said and stopped the bus. He took out a map, and tried to figure out where they were. 
Charlie got up and headed to the janitor, Billy. 
"Got any food? I'm starving" Charlie said, and sat down next to Billy. 
"I've got some crackers. That's it." Billy yawned. As he took the box with crackers Tyson shouted: "We're in Benton, Kansas. There's a gas station only a few miles from here"
"Then drive" Charlie said, while eating the crackers. 

Later Charlie and the girl, Claire,  was checking out the bags in the bus. A bunch of passengers escaped from the bus as the zombies started to come, leaving behind their bags. 
Charlie opened a bag, just to find a dead phone, some papers and a set of keys. He threw the bag away and looked at Claire. Blond hair, blue eyes. Just a girl for him. 
"So what did you do before all this?" Charlie asked, while opening a new bag. 
"Charlie, i have a boyfriend." 
"I.... Sorry." Charlie said embarrassed 
After a short while Charlie said: "But he might be dead?"
Claire looked at Charlie, saying: "He isn't dead"
In same instant a gunshot was to be heard.